My Designing Process

This is my designing process...(well at least for the most part when I'm making an individual look separate from a collection.) 

As a designer you may have guessed that I am a very visual person. Before I sketch (I still use pencil and pad ) I am usually inspired by something or sometimes I just have an urgency to make something very specific! I am sometimes inspired by certain things I have seen on the runway from the use of color, print or certain shapes and silhouettes or flipping through a fashion magazine. Regardless for the most part I sketch. And as I sketch I am thinking about my fabrication and colors or prints that would be able to execute the design in the making.

My next step is sourcing my fabric because I’m super anxious to get started! Sometimes I sourced from different places to make one sample piece. After I purchase the fabric and notions then its back to the workroom.

Then I create the pattern that will make the desired design. Sometimes I take one of my own created standard pattern and use that to create a new one! Or I will just create a new pattern either by draping it on a dress form or making a flat pattern. This tends to be the longest part of the process.

Now, it's time to cut! Some fabric are harder than others...ugh. Then, its off to my favorite part sewing it together! I love seeing yards of fabric become articles of clothing. After its made, now its time to sale this hand-made garment to a woman who is dying to wear it! (which is another process ;-)).

There is definitely a lot that goes into making a garment for the Tabitha Fielteau line. I hope I gave some insight on my designing process! Let me know if you learn something you didn't already know or any comments or questions you may have!

Until then,

-Tabitha Fielteau