Top 3 Celebrities - I would love to design for!!!

As a designer once you understand your own designer aesthetic and hone it. You become more assured of yourself and you begin to see the women who would most represent your brand's image. They are many women who we relate or gravitate to for different reason but mines always seem circle back to the confidence, radiance, and sophistication. 

In no particular order, I would love to design for Lupita Nyong'o who will star in the upcoming Marvel's Black Panther movie and she also won an Oscar for her role in 12 Years a Slave. I definitely gravitate to her overall essence which is so beautiful. She always look stunning in anything she wears on the red carpet from wearing traditional bold and colorful African attire to a glamorous, head-turning, designer evening gown. I know she is my kind of inspiration! 

Also apart of my top 3 is Elodie Yung most recently recognized for Netflix: Marvel's Daredevil as Elektra. She is a beautiful mixture of Cambodian and French descent and strikingly gorgeous on and off camera! Sometimes the word "exotic" gets a bad representation, but I think Elodie has this inviting and mysterious charisma what people may refer to as exotic. I know as a designer I feel drawn in to create something for her that captivates her sense of strength (she has a black belt in karate ;-o) and beauty. 

And lastly but least, Gal Gadot! She is the new face of DC Comics' Wonder Woman! Can we say, "girl power!" I think she was the perfect pick for Wonder Woman and can't wait to see what she brings to this role! She is a beautiful Israeli woman who knows how to keep it super chic on the red carpet! She is my kind of "gal" pun intend! ;-) 

My top 3 celebrities definitely have some commonalities which appeared to me while writing this blog..they all have roles in the superhero world and this was not at all intentional. But I do love seeing strong women doing great things! Maybe that's why I really enjoy watching them on screen! But I would definitely love to design for them off screen! There are for sure other celebrities I would love to design for, but if I had to pick my top it would be them!

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Do you adore them just as much as me?! Or what celebrity do you think I should add to my roster?!  

- Yours Truly,

Tabitha Fielteau