Top 5 ways to look your best in anything you wear!

As a fashion designer and as a woman who loves fashion; I am always conscious of my own style as well as others and over the years I began to see what is most flattering and what's not. 


1.   So lets start with the most important, undergarments! You have heard this over and over, get a bra that fits. Go to a bra supplier and have them measure you for accuracy. This is the first rule of thumb to getting your clothing to lay right against your body and to look good in what you wear. Also equally important is having the right bra for the clothing you are wearing. For example: in the picture shown a strapless bra looks much better than a bra with straps for this type of dress. Also if you have an open back top or dress you would want to wear a backless bra or pasties.  

Your underwear should also compliment what you wear if you are wearing a low back dress you don't want to wear a high-rise underwear. If you are wearing something that's not 100% opaque opt for an underwear color that is closest to your skin tone. 

Another super important undergarment that a lot of woman seem to cast aside are body shapers. I think this is essential especially for curvaceous woman or if you have trouble areas such as your tummy, thighs or back. When you are wearing a fitted dress or going to an event where you want to look your best try out a few different brands and see which one works best for you. Don't dismiss a really great body shaper! 

2.   Love what you are wearing rather it is for the color that compliments your skin tone or a wild and indifferent look because it compliments your personality. If you love what you are wearing it becomes infectious. 

3.   Complimenting your accessories such as jewelry, shoes, and handbag will also add the perfect touch to any look. The counter side of this is if don't get those right your look can look bad very quickly. So if you are unsure, keep it simple.

4.   Quality will always trump cheap! Know what things you can save on and know what things you would rather have to last. Fast fashion can sometime seem like a smart decision but when it comes to quality and value it falls short. 

5.   Hair and makeup needs to be a part of your look! If you always think of your look as complete from head to toe, then this would make sense. Just like everything else you want everything to flow. And if you are unsure keep hair and makeup simple. 

I hope this was helpful to some of you fashionistas out there. And let me know what things you find are essential to looking your best that's not on the list!

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Until then, 

Tabitha Fielteau