Staying busy in the summer!!

My favorite season is definitely summer! The time of the year when most of us go on vacation and plan things to do! As the summer approaches when most fashion consumers shop less we (designers) have to find ways to keep our business thriving, keep food on the table, and continue to perfect our skills as designers! And as an emerging fashion designers, we always have to find ways to keep advancing and market our brand in a very competitive industry.

I am always trying to hone my skills and share knowledge I have learned over the years. So this summer I will be doing some teaching! I will be teaching an adult fashion camp, a teen fashion camp, and a pattern making workshop at a really great local boutique shop in Athens, Ga named Community! This amazing shop sells clothing and local goods by designers and makers based in Georgia.

You can check out all the classes' description, view each listing, and sign up on Community's website. There will also be other classes offered such as photography, fashion illustration, and several others from Georgia creatives so check out those as well. I hope to see you this summer!

Let me know if you have any questions!

Until then,

Tabitha Fielteau

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