How to Prepare for a Bridal Show

Here comes the bridal show….Whether you are a wedding photographer, event planner, dress boutique, bridal fashion designer, florist, DJ, event rental, cake decorator or any other business that services weddings you should take the following steps to having a successful bridal show. As you can see there is a big market for weddings! Attending a bridal show puts you directly in front of hundreds or thousands of soon-to-be brides looking to find the right vendors for their wedding day. Here are several ways to get you prepare for a bridal show.


The day of the bridal show can become chaotic so it’s important to first find the right show organizer that understands the process, the event location, and the needs of each vendor to make your process a lot easier. Here is were the research comes in. Research the company hosting the bridal show to make sure they are able to deliver on the day of the actual event.

Booth Presentation

Now, once you have chosen a Bridal Expo Co. now it’s time to think of what product or service you are selling to the bride and make sure this is clearly displayed at the show. Brides should not have to guess what product or service you are selling to them. Properly executing your booth display should be one of your main focus. You don’t want to overwhelm visitors, but attract them. Your decor or theme should match your business so begin to gather the needed items at least 1-2 months before the show or use items from your store or shop. But don’t feel incline to spend loads of money on this. The main attraction should be the service or products offered.

Physical Marketing

Take the time to have literature for the bride to take with them when visiting your booth. Literature can include brochures, information cards, business cards, gift cards, or redeemable coupons or anything that has all of your business info. This needs to be prepared at least a month prior to the show in the case of incorrect information or delay in order shipment. Also bring more literature than you think you would need. It’s also good to have more than one type of literature to give away. And keep track of how much you gave away.

Preparing your team

Now its time to gather your team! This is not something you can pull together last minute. You should know who will be there at your booth, especially if you yourself cannot be there. Everyone there should represent the business. Professional, friendly and knowledgeable on the product or service offered. Take breaks at different times to make sure someone is present at the booth and not exhausted from being on their feet the entire time. You are as strong as your team.

Good Business

Something that can be sometimes overlooked when your are business oriented and trying to attraction potential clients is sincerity. Don’t sell people just for business sake. Believe in your product or service and convey that to potential clients by engaging in authentic conversation. Be committed to delivering the products or service you are selling. Good business practicing keeps you in business.

Free, free, free

This one is not a necessity, but it does attract potential clientele: giveaways, freebies, and discounts. Who doesn’t love, free?! The expense of a wedding can be staggering so having something discounted or free can draw in brides. Your freebie should not put a strain on your business or you the business owner so consider that when coming up with a potential giveaway. But should be exciting enough for brides to sign up and win! This is also a great way to capture emails to re-market your product or service to potential clients. And if you offer free, don’t have so many stipulations that turns people off. Free should mean free. If you don’t want to consider free, then just offer a discount.

Whew…a lot of work, right?! Yes, we are there with you. So if any of these tips help you at preparing for your upcoming bridal show let us know and tell us your business name and service so can follow your journey!

In this video you will see a Recap of the GA Wedding and Bridal Expo showcasing fashion and bridal designer, Tabitha Fielteau. For more information please visit IG: @tabithafielteau @shearfirehair @fell2photography @itsyasminrahimi

Toast to a successful show,

The Tabitha Fielteau Team