Short Term Goal of a Fashion Designer

In short, create more for myself!


My goal is to create clothing that I design specifically for myself. It will take a while to fill my wardrobe with only Tabitha Fielteau clothing, but its definitely not impossible. As for my wardrobe, that will include shirts, pants, shorts, skirts, dresses, jumpsuits, swimwear, rompers, jackets and coats. I will not be venturing into the athletic, shoe or accessories market, but again who knows?! My goals is have my entire wardrobe designed/created within the next 3 years. I will have to constantly create for myself in order to get this accomplished, but I am up for the challenge.


One reason for this goal: I can’t continue to spend the money I make for my brand and place that money back into other companies for the same products being womenswear clothing. This is especially crucial because my company is only a few years old. Also I believe as I invest in my brand, I have to invest in myself. I believe in my brand and the message it portrays through clothing. A woman should be chic, smart, and sophisticated. I am this woman. And there are so many women like this who I am designing for.

A woman should be chic, smart, and sophisticated. I am this woman.

Furthermore, as a fashion designer I am conscious of cheap labor and unethical fashion. I do not want to contribute to the problem. And as being a designer I have some advantage. I am able to create my own clothing. You may think, “I’m not a fashion designer.” Don’t worry I got you covered. As a consumer you may not have that advantage, but where you spend your money speaks louder than words. Spend your money with ethical companies. We have a blog where we talk more about this subject.


I definitely have other goals even higher, but I think this one is one I am a little -amped about..but aren’t they all! lol Can you say, excited for my goals! My goal is to look back at this blog post 3 years down the line and say “you finish what set out to do!” Well lets get to work! And let me know what you think of my latest custom made suede camel, relax-fit jacket created as a birthday gift to and for myself! And tell us what are some of your goals this year?!

Cheers to goals,

Tabitha Fielteau