A Poem for Fashion


Your lines are clean and precise all the way to obscured and blurred

Your colors are the true shades of topaz, emerald, onyx, sapphire and galore

Your witty and clever ideas always keep me guessing 

The way you lay on my skin,

the way you place yourself in my hand,

the way you caress my feet,

makes me sometime wonder…

However, did I go through the earlier years of life without recognizing you were even there

Your presence can be found in the streets of Europe, to the beaches of the Caribbeans, to the catwalks around the world

Your tailored edges, embroidered hems, and couture shapes makes you seamless in every way and unzipped at the same time

You’re ever changing and filled with the youthfulness of today while paying tribute to the past

You are and will always be FASHION


With love,

Your Designer, Tabitha Fielteau xoxo