Top 3 reasons why this wedding venue may not be for you

Your wedding location and venue is probably the first thing you think of when planning for your wedding. The place you decide to have your wedding is important to create the setting for your lasting memory. There are several reasons why a venue may not be for you from the property owners, poor service, to prohibitions, but here are our top 3!

To Decorate or to Fix Up

We all know that the way your decorate the venue sets the tone for your wedding theme. If you find a venue and begin to think: how can I fix up the venue to make it more desirable because maybe this venue was less expensive. This is a key sign that this venue is not for you. A venue should be decorated not a fixer-upper. I even found myself venue shopping for my own vow renewals and I was looking for inexpensive places and a few of them I begin to think: How could I cover this ceiling? How can I cover up the walls? And all of the decorations would increase the total amount I allotted myself for decor budget. This definitely a red flag. I decided to move on from fixer-uppers and find a venue that had everything I needed.

Venue Budgets

If you have a set budget for your venue, stick to it! If you find yourself rearranging your budget just to get a specific venue this may not be the best route. Again, think about what is most important to you..maybe you really want your ceremony and reception in the same place and don’t want to compromise on this…so don’t. And for this you may be willing to increase your venue budget. Just have a set amount you would be willing to increase. Don’t go take out a loan just because the venue has a fountain and marble floors. Your guest will mostly remember how good the food was and if they enjoyed the night.

Venue Location

Maybe you have set your heart years ago (before you even got a proposal, let alone a special someone) on where you wanted to get married. Rather it’s a small wedding chapel in the mountains or on a beautiful island in the Caribbeans…this can change when it comes down to reality vs fantasy. So you thought you wanted to get married at a certain resort on the beach, but maybe now you realize that if you did people you would love to be there would not be able to attend. You have to pose the question: What is most important to me? And let that be your guiding light. Don’t forsake what’s most important for your venue dreams.

Now with all of that said, go and plan the wedding of your dreams! Just be sure you keep these helpful tips in mind. Also let us know what were your good or bad experiences you have had with wedding venues. Or what issues you are currently facing? We would love to hear from you.

Happy venue shopping,

Tabitha Fielteau