Consider Yourself Hacked

Sometimes you have to take life by the ear and tell her to get it together like you would your toddler. Straighten up and fly right. Stop hitting your brother. Sorry, flashback. We don’t have time for that one thing to set us off when our day to day can be so rushed and plans can change at the last minute. Especially, when it comes to your fashion choices. Let us give you a handful of woooooosah…


  1. Bobby Pins. The man or woman who invented these messy, but useful suckers is a game changer! Many of us have a home scattered with them. It would be a good idea to carry a handful in your purse or in the spare change pocket of your car. Some of us ladies on the Tabitha Fielteau Team have natural hair, so we always have a spare bobby pin when needed. Bobby pins are especially helpful when you are out and about and have popped a zipper. Thread this bad baby through the broken area and it should save you until you are able to replace.

2. There is a time of day or a time of week when we have finally gotten the home spotless. Not even a wayward bobby pin in sight, spotless. But there is always that one garment in your closet that flings itself from the safety of its hanger unto the floor and you would rather stuff it in the back of the closet, but know you will forget what you did with it later on. Wrap a few rubber bands at the ends of the hangers to create some footing so you’re garment won’t slip off. Super glue and wire will do the trick as well.


3. Spray some Windex on it! If you have not seen My Big Fat Greek Wedding we are softly scolding you at the moment. Patent leather shoes…some of us are not fans of this look. Mainly, because the material scuffs so easily and scuff marks can be seen a football field away. We recently learned to use a paper towel and Windex to clean them away. Pretty handy really as many of us have an entire cleaning kit in the trunk for days at the car wash. Thank you, Gus Portokalos!



If anyone asks why you keep an army supply of bobby pins, rubber bands, super-glue and Windex on your person, please direct them here.



The Tabitha Fielteau Team


Written By Gwenn McGuire