It's Our Responsibility In Fashion - Part 2


We are revisiting a blog that we felt an inclination to elaborate, further on. The subject at hand is one we can't let go under the radar, but need to continue to raise awareness to. Who made your clothes? And who's responsibility is it? Short answer: Many women and men, even children but mostly women; and these women live in other countries than the U.S. and tend to have less of a voice than us women here. And to answer the other question:  All of ours. It is our responsibility in fashion. 

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When you purchase an item of clothing from a you ever think where was it made? Where were the fabrics sourced? There is so much consumers don't know about the clothing they purchase. It is our responsibility and our right to know. There are horrible and unethical labor conditions which take place sometime unaware by the average consumer; and many under paid workers who lives are in jeopardy daily to make the clothing we wear. Think of big name brands like GAP, Forever 21, H&M, and Zara to name a few that has been put under the microscope for bad labor conditions. And to think your money is contributing to it. (Go ahead and think...) Yep. We may all have played a hand in it, but we don't have to continue. Fast fashion comes at a higher price than we choose to admit. 

Fast fashion comes at a higher price than we choose to admit. 

In fact did you know that the fashion industry is the 2nd largest world contributor of waste. Right below, OIL. Can you believe that? OIL. (strong sigh..) Where do we begin to unwind the huge mess of a problem that fashion has created.

...consume less

We also further understand that the average American consumers can't afford the cost that it would take to regularly purchase garments made based off livable wages. So what do we do? We really have to think more on how we can consume less even if it is small steps like buying less clothing or buying from conscious savvy brands or companies. Think about the essentials you need in your closet. And let that begin your journey to becoming a chic-smart shopper. You can even check out our blog titled: The Essentials as well. To conclude let's take a stance, take action and take responsibility! 

Know who made your clothing.

-The Tabitha Fielteau Team


Watch  "The True Cost" (trailer) a great documentary available on Netflix.

Here are a few brands made in America that truly are unique and can feel this void if you decide to go cold turkey with big brands all together or even if you would like to know who made your clothing. Give us some brands to add to the list in the comments. And as always we are here to serve your chic womenswear fashion needs. 

Menswear and coming womenswear: Threaded Culture 

Jewelry: Stephanie Bijoux

Scarfs and Knits: Bo Peep's Bonnets