Before the I Do's...


Months leading up to a brides wedding day is the most unnecessary stress and pressure any person can place on themselves. Keeping the parents happy, finding the dress you can be proud to watch hang in your closet for years to come, and handling the details that fall apart at the fringes; Here is a list of things to consider before you walk down the aisle.  

Only a fashion designer can stitch, pull and snatch a customized garment to fit you in all of the right places. Eat cake, Ex!  

Do I need a Bridal Fashion Designer? Because each bride wants to be remembered for being celeb gorgeous and an original dress. If you don’t agree to this, you are not being real with yourself and we recommend pushing your wedding date up 3 more months. Kidding! Not really. Opting for a fashion designer is not as expensive as you may think. Especially, considering you are not paying for the same dress thousands of other women will wear and probably with the same veil. Women especially worry about the weight they will lose or most likely gain during the stressful wedding planning process. Is a custom wedding dress the right option? Well, only a fashion designer can stitch, pull and snatch a customized garment to fit you in all of the right places. Eat cake, Ex!  

Where should the wedding be? Location. Location. Location. An Athens, GA Wedding?! We know, all the rave is Atlanta. Hot-lanta. The ATL. However, you prefer to reference the states' capital.  But have you ventured into Athens, GA? Three little words: Romantic. Boho. Chic. Georgia itself has become a production hub dubbing itself the Hollywood of the South because of the terrain and landscapes it offers. With venues like Graduate Athens you can create Great Gatsby like weddings! We have seen this theme in person and some of us girls wanted to get married all over again. Can you say DO OVER?  



Ahhh the Memories: As this day gears up, all of your stressors may come to a head. There will be cancellations and if you are lucky your in-laws and parents will only fight about seat placements during the reception. The most important item to bring with you on this day are your memories and first date butterflies. Whether it is the first bikini your groom saw you in or a ticket to the first movie you saw together. You will require sweet memories to remind you why you chose this amazing man…and his parents. :-)


We would looooove to get an idea of what you are considering before tying the knot! The kookier the better, no judgment here just laughs. Post below!  


Catching the Bouquet, 

The Tabitha Fielteau Team 


Written By Gwenn McGuire