Tie-Dye Will Not Die

Courtesy of Fashion Blogger: Hello Fashion 

Courtesy of Fashion Blogger: Hello Fashion 

Tie-Dye is making a comeback. Tie-Dye is making a comeback. Tie-Dye actually never died. Excuse the repetition as we attempt to allow this into our spirits and hope a spark of exception and empathy well over within us.  


Long pause.  


Neither has happened, so let’s talk about tie-dye living longer than the TV show Supernatural. We need therapy. 


Yesterday, was a pretty historic day for Georgians as we experienced actual Spring! Spring showed up in all of its extroverted glory leaving winter, autumn and whomever else thought they were going to tag along at the curb. True Georgians know what we’re talking about. Some of the team was out and about Ponce City Market in Midtown, Atlanta in much need of some blogging inspiration. Listen to us when we tell you that when you ask the Universe for something, the Universe will deliver!  

Courtesy of DIY Blog by ilovetocreateblog

Courtesy of DIY Blog by ilovetocreateblog


With spring came a few sightings of ATL beauties in tie-dye!  

Our first sighting was casual: boyfriend jeans, messy bun, natural make-up, vintage Chuck Taylors and a very loud magenta and highlighter green tie-dye t-shirt. OK, not enough to send one into cardiac arrest but nevertheless an attempt at tie-dye that got our attention. Our second sighting happened later in the day near the Beltline off of Krog St: neutral below-the-knee maxi dress paired with a choker straight out of Wakanda, neutral ankle strap sandals, gladiator shades and a long flowing tie-dye kimono in every color orange imaginable. We wanted to salute this beauty but then we would be admitting that tie-dye is chic. We know! Give in to the swirl already! 

At this point we were curious about the conception of tie-dye and our only connection to the patterned phenom is Janis Joplin and Hippies. Ya’ll, tie-dye is ancient...we’re talking B.C.! Egyptian mummies were found wrapped in various dying techniques and the T’ang Dynasty used these techniques on their silks. Then, Rhi Rhi left her NYC hotel dressed as a walking stick of cotton candy in a tie-dye tracksuit and the Gram still can’t figure out if we should like it or naw. Kanye West has taken grunge tie-dye to another level featured in his Yeezy collection and Kendall Jener was spotted in a swirl of red and yellow outside of a popular celeb spot.  


Long sigh. Strong-side-eye.  


There is nothing more to do than to embrace the inevitable. So what is a fashion designer to do? Does Tabitha Fielteau roll out a collection of silk tie-dyed rompers for spring or tie-dyed track suits in winter of muted colors? What say you? 


Tied out, 

The Tabitha Fielteau Team 



Courtesty of  www.splashnews.com

Courtesty of www.splashnews.com


Written By Gwenn McGuire