Vetting a Fashion Designer

Research. Research. Research..

Research. Research. Research is everything when placing your vision and deadline into another’s hands. All fashion designers are not created equal. The amount of training received is important, but training without vision will leave you disappointed and without a product. The Tabitha Fielteau Team loves you so much, we have compiled a Pulitzer winning list that will help you in your vetting process. Happy designing! 


1. And we will repeat this again until you hear it in your sleep: Research! Everyone these days is an actress, model, designer of some sort and a producer. Why? We have gathered... [drum roll please] because it looks good for the Gram! Weeding out who’s who can be difficult. Does the designer in mind have a website? A blog? A designers blog can give you all of the information you need to play detective as they will post about workshops or shows they have hosted and where. Reach out to someone on the event team to be sure this information is legit. Check the comments on their posts for feedback of the event: negative and positive. Attend an upcoming fashion show that will feature their collection.

2. Many designers work out of a makeshift studio mostly in their homes or shared studio space especially if they are not a part of a large fashion house. We get it! The price of commercial space and the nightmare of commuting are worse than a cubicle in Corporate America. Don’t let the fact that you cannot walk into a posh museum-like studio deter your decision. Many fashion designers will come to you anyways for fittings and to shop for fabric. Fashion Designers are creatives that only care to be held up in a workspace when it’s time to get down to the business of constructing your vision. 

fashion_designer_work_space_atelier.JPG need to be Idris Elba asked-you-on-a-date excited!

3. Do they understand your vision? We don’t care how much you have to probe the designer until you feel assured enough that they do or don’t. At the end of this journey you are the person shelling out the dollars and you need to be Idris Elba asked-you-on-a-date excited! Carrie Bradshaw said it best, “ I like my money where I can see it…hanging in my closet.”  If a fashion designer fully understands your vision their knowledge and passion will come through in conversation and it will be absolutely magical!  

4. We don’t see any issue in interviewing a fashion designer before making your decision. Ask them about their past projects and current collections. Ask them whom they have worked closely with, mentored by and interned for. You need to know what their current workload looks like, especially if they work independently, as you need to be assured your deadline will be met. 

We want you to be comfortable in your quest for originality and flare. Sound off below with your vetting ideas! 


Yours truly, 

The Tabitha Fielteau Team 


           Written By Gwenn McGuire