Less is More: Wedding Dresses

It is easy to assume your big day can cost upwards of fifty thousand dollars or more. A wedding for ten thousand these days is actually considered cheap. Wow, some of us have student loans floating in those numbers. Kate Middleton’s dress made the list of most expensive dress in history rumored @ $299,043.  [And know with recent news of the May 2018 Royal Wedding, the newest duchess, Meghan Markle emerged with her dress to be rumored @ $279, 000 by French fashion house: Givenchy. ] This is mind-boggling for us Millennials having trouble getting pre-approved for a mortgage that size. Kate [and Meghan] are literally wearing a single- family home! 

Picture Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Picture Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Pictured Prince William and Kate Middleton 

Pictured Prince William and Kate Middleton 


Affordable wedding dress, affordable college tuition; yep, they belong together. Neither makes sense!


But some women have beaten the odds and purchased wedding dresses in unlikely arenas. By purchasing prom dresses that are designed like evening gowns. Really, what is the difference between a prom and wedding event these days? What we really like about this idea is if you are not a traditional bride and prefer sexier cuts and a variety of colors, a prom dress or evening gown could be the perfect solution. Prom dresses can be less expensive and just as elegant. If you want to add a more formal design you can always have a dress custom made by a fashion designer. Add a little of this, take a little of that. Either way, you won’t have to pull a second mortgage out on your home.


Also, you can opt for a very simple slip-like satin dress and leave the wow to the accessories. Brides are really flocking to jeweled and floral hairpieces over the traditional veils. This look can be so elegant and bohemian. Tussled hair, a messy braid and long flowing curls are a great compliment to these headpieces. The saying, “Less is more,” is holding up to be true in this case.


What advice do you have for women to look like a Queen or a Princess (in this case) on their wedding day, but without the hefty price tag? Keeping the wow factor a factor, of course.


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Written By Gwenn McGuire