¡Viva la Prom!

Is prom the new Big Day? Seriously, it is becoming a bit difficult to tell a prom pair from a just married pair. The proposal, the attire, to how teens arrive to prom are becoming so grand! Parents are spending crazy money to give their teens the best picture perfect prom experience. We have an idea why and you have heard us mention this before: for the Gram! And the hopes of becoming the next couple to go viral on social media.



Prom proposal may have you wondering is he asking her to marry him or go to prom with him?! Guys asking girls to the prom in the most elaborates ways. From guys getting the school's involvement by passing out roses to the girl in question, or choreographing a full dance sequence to ask the girl out, and even laying down in the street to prom-pose. 


We see an upside. We sincerely do. The more teen couples vie to outdo the next for Gram fame, the more fashion designers are in demand. With prom and bridal season overlapping the other, designers specializing in custom prom and wedding dresses have their work cut out for them. Pun intended.

We on the map ya’ll!

Tabitha Fielteau Custom Prom Gown

Tabitha Fielteau Custom Prom Gown

We can’t tell you how many, “Wait, is this design for prom or a wedding?” questions the team throws at Tabitha weekly. Teens are taking advantage of looking like a celeb on the Red Carpet and getting a look design just for them.

So what designs have been in demand this season? Teens are bringing their social consciousness to the forefront of fashion and it is quite refreshing to experience the youth forming a, dare we say, revolution? Even before the release of Black Panther we see teens show their pride for their African Heritage by wearing Kente, Ankara and Dashiki printed dresses and even, tuxedos. We even see social issues addressed when teen Milan Morris of Palm Beach wore an original gown displaying the faces of black men, women and children murdered by police brutality. Trayvon Martin, Sandra Bland and Michael Brown are some of the victims she payed homage to. Teens have found many ways to express themselves through their prom attire and we support them. 

Tabitha Fielteau Custom Prom Dress

Tabitha Fielteau Custom Prom Dress

Let's not forget teens have even opted to have full photo shoots before prom to have their memories captured which have lead to some rather extravagant ways to arrive to prom.  Have you seen the teen dressed as Cinderella with the horse drawn carriage? Or the teen delivered to prom in a coffin? How about the teen delivered to prom in a life sized Barbie box? We are in Awe!

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As long as teens are making such statements, ¡Viva la Prom! Be sure to share your statement prom looks with us on Instagram @tabithafielteau


Prom Ready,

The Tabitha Fielteau Team



Written By Gwenn McGuire