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It ain’t summer unless everything is sheer! And we mean EVERYTHING. Radio jocks on the more urban stations are known to comment that spring and summer are their favorite seasons in Georgia because women bring out the sundresses. 


Women are opting for fabric that will flow with the wind against their silhouettes and allow their melanin to fleek. We are seeing so many statements being made in celebration of spring that’s it’s worth talking about.

Georgia is producing TV and Film at a progressive rate and talent are honoring the industry and the season in sheer formal attire. The sheer gowns have been idolized from Hollywood to ATLwood, and with taste we might add. When it comes to sheer formal attire on the red carpet, lace seems to be the go to fabric as it can add a sense of discreetness and class to the look. Is discreet not your form of expression? Well Beyonce-2015-Met-Gala away, then!

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Some of our favorite everyday sheer items are crop tops and wide leg trousers: but especially floral crop tops. When you find the perfect sheer floral crop top, no accessories are needed. A pop of color on the eye and messy hair takes your look over the top without trying. What we do miss are sheer maxi dresses skewed more on the casual wear and less beachwear. Remember when that was a thing in 2012? Such a shame we don’t see too much of this style anymore. What we do see are long sheer cover-ups. Women are fashioning these looks with itsy bitsy shorts, bralettes and wedges. Throw a hobo bag in the mix…girl, we see you.


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The idea of sheer garments was shied away from when they first debuted on major runways years ago. We feel as women explore and own their freedom of expression we will see more of these tabooed trends become everyday must haves. We think we are gearing towards a future where taboo will be tabooed.


Ladies, let’s see your favorite sheer looks. Tag us on social media: @ tabithafielteu



The Tabitha Fielteau Team



Written By Gwenn McGuire