Extreme Shade


Listen, as fashion designers we respect the art and vision each designer brings forth. We understand the need to purge something so original it will leave people in conversation for decades. But there are moments a new trend emerges into the fashion world and we just want to emoji-face-palm ourselves. That moment is today. We have never been more overwhelmed with bewilderment for the community of fashion. Wait, there was that one time Miley Cyrus hosted the VMA’s in balloons.


“For those who dare to bare.” ~ Carmar


A popular denim company from Los Angeles, Carmar, released the Extreme Cut Out Jean. What can we say? Ohhh look. Pockets! The jean is a high rise relaxed fit style of invisible pants. Let us try to put this in perspective for you. Remember the childhood story The Emperor’s New Clothes. This is kind of like that story. Just Google: the Extreme Cut Out Jean so we are all on the same page and come right back. No worries, we will wait.


Now that we are all caught up, this jean is selling for $168 and they are currently all sold out! (Extreme side-eye coming from the Tabitha Fielteau Team right now.) Can you imagine the amount of YouTube videos that will pop up showing you how to achieve this look for less than $5? We actually look forward to those. We may make one ourselves! We love the next best jean but this shuttle is not taking off with us aboard.



Needless to say this online shop may be on the watch list for many bloggers and fashion designers simply to see what they will do to top this look. They have cemented themselves in the industry for sure with this one. After all, news is news is news.


Would you buy these? Well, technically you can’t because they are all sold out…


Utterly Confused,

The Tabitha Fielteau Team






Written By Gwenn McGuire