Viola. Viola.


…Davis that is. Her physical and spiritual presence exudes strength and wisdom that makes her a light in any room. When we hear her speak we automatically begin yelling, “Preach Viola! Yes, Viola!” And she was only talking about her diet something about French-fries. But she has such an awareness of self that is not comparable in Hollywood. Confidence is one thing but Viola literally walks with God and she delivers more than lines and beauty in any projects she delves in. If we could design a Viola original it would be inspired by this…

We love how she showcases her assets, her shoulders especially. If we had to choose best arms between Viola Davis and Michelle Obama…we couldn’t. Which is why we would showcase these trophies with a strapless piece. Viola has perfect posture, the more reason she can really pull off anything she wears. She is just regal. Hail to the fashion designers who have contributed to her presence.


Finger snaps all around, please.



Viola does not shy away from colors. Women with darker skin have shied away from bright colors because they have been told their skin is unattractive so they tried to make themselves unnoticeable. Viola, Lupita Nyong'o, Alek Wek, Grace Jones and other women have really brought our ebony skin to the forefront and helping us to idolize ourselves the way we do, today. We love Viola when she wears pops of colors. Orange may be our favorite yet.


Can we discuss this fro and her occasional short natural crop? To our knowledge, Viola has not worn a hairstyle that has not complemented her physique yet. But we are crushing on her all natural appearance. Women, especially women of color, have come such a long way to accepting us. We have become unapologetic and we no longer allow ourselves to be cloaked and ignored. We are visible.


I believe that the privilege of a lifetime is being who you are, truly being who you are. And I’ve spent far too long apologizing for that.
— Viola Davis



Unapologetically Black,

The Tabitha Fielteu Team






Written By Gwenn McGuire