Bodysuits + Corsets = Bodysets

Bodysuits and corsets: the bodyset. Because they get your body SET! See what we did there? Accept it because we are rolling with this term throughout this post!



The bodyset has become the S on the chest of our favorite stage performers. Beyonce pairs them with a too close to skin nude colored pantyhose. Ariana Grande struts them across the stage with her famous high top ponytail and ridiculous vocals. We think she is so adorable. JLo, Fergie, Brittney, Lil Kim…just watch the 2018 Billboard Music Awards to really get the picture. They are the staple of style and sass serving comfort and the ultimate snatch-ness. But what do bodysets have to do with bridal season? We are so glad you asked us to get to the point!


It’s no secret many brides wear body shapers underneath their wedding gowns for the ultimate get-it-together look. They just give us the luxury of putting parts exactly where they belong. I mean if you think about it, other than the first date, our wedding day may have been the only other day we physically slayed at life. Unless, you are the type of woman who can easily slay every day of her life, you give us hope at getting our lives together!


Some brides have taken the bodyset to the next level and it makes all of the sense in the world. Especially when the need for comfort and style is an essential. Instead of wearing your body suit underneath a layer of clothing, brides are making the bodysuit the only layer. We know, scandalous. But we love it! By adding a detached bottom, this idea can be a little less expensive than purchasing a one-piece gown. Amy Lattimore, the Peacock Goddess in Cirque Du Soleil’s Amaluna, went with this brilliant plan!



TFT: First off, this post is about the use of bodysuits and corsets on the big day. With bodysuits and corsets together we have coined the term: bodysets. We think it's brilliant. Should we trademark this...or naw?

Amy: I love it! 


TFT: We really don’t think she approves but it’s fine. LOL! Did the choice of your bodyset have to do with comfort and style? Why did you go for this look?

Amy: Well first, because I loved the corset! Thought it was classic and unique. Hadn’t seen too many brides with a look like this.   

Second, I absolutely loved the idea of being able to switch out my bottoms. Prior to seeing this option, I had been dreaming up so many looks that I thought would be amazing for my big day. Perhaps it’s the fact that I’m used to costume changes. As a professional dancer I’ve had the pleasure of having many costume changes in productions. And given that this was the “production” of my life, I knew I had to go with this option. It gave me the opportunity to bring to life all of the looks I was imagining for an extremely reasonable price. 


TFT: We like the description ‘production’ best. Did you find a two-piece a least expensive option compared to a one piece gown?

Amy: Yes! Considering the versatility it offered, it was a steal!



TFT: [Having used a designer...] Many women opt out of using fashion designers because of price, deadlines that need to be met and maybe even because their names are not yet well known. How did you vet your designer? 

Amy: She was someone I knew and respected. I did get a little nervous around deadlines. But was careful to add in buffer time to make up for any hiccups along the way. I will say having savvy and creative bridesmaids helps. I knew that if it got down to the wire, they’d be willing and able to make sure everything looked the part. 




TFT: Buffer time. That is smart! Every bride has a kooky situation that happened leading up to the big day and even on the day of. I was an hour late to my wedding because the collards weren't done cooking. [To wrap up our Q&A] share with us your story.

Amy: We literally had to find a new caterer about a couple weeks before the wedding. Thank [goodness] for my wedding planner who stepped in and got me 3 catering options to choose from. While I did give the caterer my shrimp and grits recipe, the food was a success and IHOP (where we had our first date) even showed up and served a full on pancake bar. It all worked out!


For a team that snacks on dry cereal throughout the day, why did neither of us married ladies think of serving breakfast at our weddings?


Craving pancakes,

The Tabitha Fielteau Team



Written By Gwenn McGuire








Amy is the Founding Partner at Campfire Studios. Campfire produces conversation tours for Gen Z change makers. Professionals, activists and movement leaders engage in real conversations with students on everything from work to social justice. Prior to Campfire, Amy, as a dance soloist, originated the role of the Peacock Goddess in Cirque Du Soleil’s Amaluna.