Don't Ditch the Dress


So you have this beautiful wedding gown, but after the wedding…what is a girl to do with her dress?! Resourceful brides have found another way to keep the memories of their wedding gowns in house and we mean other than the closet. Many of us married ladies have our dresses wrapped in plastic shoved in the furthest pits of our closets. Some of us revisit our gowns with a bottle of wine long after the children are asleep and we can snot cry alone in the closet for a few minutes. We are either reminiscing the big day or just sobbing because the house is finally quiet. Either are fine reasons for an entire bottle of wine! We have listed some very resourceful DIY projects to give that dress a true home.



1. Ugly-face-cry it out on a custom made throw pillow made from pieces of your dress. Mix them in with your existing pillows for an instant updated look or toss the old pillows altogether if you need something fresh and vintage. Gowns of intricate patterns and stich work make for a more chic look especially if your existing room is neutral and classic. To add an extra pop you could even add colored beading in your design. When you are ready to pass them down, grandchildren always appreciate mementos from their grandparents past.



2. If you are absolutely keen on wearing your dress again, but find it a tad tighter than you remember it, recycle a pair of your existing lingerie. You can use what you have or buy a basic bra and undies set from any retailer. Ladies, let’s keep our men in mind here. After all, he was a big part of the wedding too! Get some lingerie and overlay, cut, stitch and add embellishment to your liking. You can even get your wedding heels out and give him a show. You’re welcome! Saving marriages over here.



3. We kind of grimaced at this idea, but quickly changed our minds. Picture walls are more popular than Joanna Gaines and shiplap. It is unheard of to walk into a home and there not be a focal wall of collaged mirrors or family photos. Maybe your walls are bare and needs some added decor. Many brides are framing their dresses in shadow boxes and hanging them up. Display your gown for all to see. Again, you can embellish to your liking and even dye the fabric to keep in line with current décor colors.



4. [Maybe you loved your wedding pictures or maybe you didn’t either way why not have a photo shoot do-over. You can now focus all of your attention on the photo shoot without worrying about the caterer, who’s arrived, time schedule and all of the factors that goes into a wedding. Feel free to be totally creative in this photo shoot by searching out a fashion photographer or keep it true to its essence by finding a great bridal photographer. Have fun with this shoot!]


If you found time to be your own fashion designer this week and/or used one of these tips post a photo and tag us! Get the girls together and have a Bribe-Yo-Man Lingerie Party! If you don’t know, ask somebody.



The Tabitha Fielteau Team








Written By Gwenn McGuire